This section contains the universal instructions for using analogue phones. If the required function isn't listed, please refer to the manufacturer's instructions given to you with the handset.

Making Calls

  • To dial an internal number - lift handset and dial four-digit University extension
  • To dial an external number - lift handset and dial 9 followed by the required Number

Call Pickup of another Phone

  • If the ringing phone is within your pickup group, lift the handset and press *3
  • If the ringing phone isn't within your pickup group, lift handset and press **3 followed by the number of the ringing extension you wish to pick up

Putting a Call On Hold

  • Press the R (recall) key and listen for dial tone
  • Press the R (recall) key twice to return to the call

To Transfer a Call

  • Press the R (recall) key or Transfer key and listen for dial tone
  • Dial the required extension number
  • You may now replace your handset to transfer the call
  • Alternatively, wait until the extension is answered, announce the caller and then replace your handset
  • If, after the extension is answered, you wish to announce to the caller that you are putting them through, press Recall #3 and make your announcement. Replacing your handset will put the call through
  • If the extension is not answered, is engaged or cannot accept the call, press recall twice and you will be reconnected to the caller.

Conference Calls

  • Dial first participant and when connected
  • Press R (recall) key, dial second number
  • When answered press R (recall) key again (you will hear dial tone)
  • Then press **42
  • Repeat above step to add further participants
  • SOME HANDSETS have a TRANSFER key rather than RECALL key
  • External numbers should be prefixed with 9
  • The system allows up to eight external and eight internal participants


To set:

  • Press *1 and replace handset
  • When the extension becomes free or is next used your phone will ring to advise you
  • Pick up handset and your phone will then dial the set number

To cancel:

  • At any stage press #1 to cancel and replace handset

Last Number Redial

Lift handset and dial *2

Individual Speed Dialling

Each telephone user has the ability to store 10 destinations via the handset keypad

To store:

  • Lift the handset
  • Enter *64
  • Press the required location key 0-9
  • Dial the number you wish to store (not forgetting to prefix with 9 for an outside line)
  • Replace the handset

To use:

  • Lift handset
  • Dial *63
  • Press the required location key 0-9

Log into and out of a hunt group

To Log in: Dial **52
To Log out: Dial ##52

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