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EE Online Billing  Manager (OBM)

In order to offer an enhanced mobile billing function, the Telecoms Office will no longer send copy paper bills to university mobile users. Univeristy mobile users will receive an email from EE ( with a login ID. Every month you will receive an email advising you that that months bill has been loaded and you can log in to view billing activity for your mobile number. You will be able to create your own reports, save and/or print them as appropriate. If you have deleted the email as suspected spam, you can follow the link in the monthly email and click the "forgotten password " link, your login ID is usually your initial and surname (e.g ssmith). If you have any questions about the service, or are unable to log in, please contact the telecoms office on extension 8000.


Newcastle University provide mobile telephones from Orange, via the PSN framework, which is a specially negotiated deal for the public sector. This ensures that we adhere to the university policies for best value. The PSN deal offers line rentals and call costs at very advantageous prices, but to do so only offer a limited device range.

Mobile provision resolves two business needs:

  • Enable you to make and receieve calls anywhere
  • Enable you to send and receive email or view and make calendar changes, when away from your desk.

The handset choices on offer satisfy these needs, and do so in the most cost efficient manner.

Who can have a mobile phone?

The head of your school or service must authorise you to be provided with a mobile telephone or data card (dongle).

As part of the ordering process, you must submit an internal purchase requisition which has been co-signed by the head of school or service to authorise your order.

Policy on the Personal Usage of University Provided Mobile Devices

Guiding Principle:
• University provided mobile devices are supplied to University staff for business use only.
• University staff are permitted modest personal usage of University provided mobile devices when such usage is directly related to their duties (E.g. Informing a family member that you will arrive late from work; making a short phone call to a family member whilst working away on University business).
• The additional cost of all other personal usage of University provided mobile devices must be reimbursed to the University.

Windows Phone

These devices have been tested for usability and compatibility with the university exchange servers and have been found to be fully compatible. The windows phone OS offers comparable services and features of other Operating Systems including Apple iOS and Android. It also has its own "Market Place" for downloading apps. Office Applications (e.g. Word, Excel, etc.) are included as standard.

Apple iPhone/iPad

Following value for money good practice the University does not support the purchase of iPhones. Purchase requests for iPhones will only be considered by the IT Service with a suitable approved business case demonstrating that the business need cannot be met from a standard (and more cost effective) SmartPhone.

iPad Purchasing Policy

RIM Products

Blackberry is not available from the IT Service. The university does not own or operate a Blackberry server, which is a key component to the Blackberry service, therefore Blackberry is not offered as a mobility solution.


Android devices are not currently provided by University Telecoms.

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