New Connections - Mobile Broadband

A note on Mobile Broadband: All of the mobile operators sell and advertise these devices as alternatives to fixed line broadband. This is very misleading as it is common to expect the same speeds and service in comparison. Please do not compare the two services. They are not the same and you wll never experience the speeds advertised by the operators. Please consider mobile broadband as slow and unreliable, this is after all, the feed back given to us from existing mobile broadband users and the experience telecoms have had from using these devices at various locations in and around main campus.

Ordering mobile data cards/dongle is an easy 3 step process:

Step1 Icon - Choose USB Dongle, MiFi Unit or Sim only


  Huawei Dongle

Sim Only


Device E3533 Dongle  Sim only EE Kite MiFi
Cost  £29 (free on 24 month plan)  £10 £59

Order Code

 OHUN4389 OUIC2146 OHUN4377


SIM only - Only the SIM card is required (for use with notebooks with a built-in 3G modem)

HUAWEI E3533 - Standard USB modem

EE KITE - MiFi device (your personal Wifi hotspot)

Step 2 icon - Choose Data Plan

MBB = Mobile BroadBand

All of the mobile carriers in the UK describe their data packages as "Unlimited". They are limited, by a Fair Use Policy to the 'Allowance' shown.

3GB of "BT WiFi" included each month.

Data Plans Cost Allowance Contract Length
1GB £8.00 1GB per month 24 Months (free dongle)
2GB £10 2GB per month 24 Months (free dongle/MIFI)
4GB £12 4GB per month 24 Months (free dongle/MIFI)


£20 8GB per month 24 Months (free dongle/MIFI)

Step 3 icon‌- Submit an order

Submit an internal purchase requisition using the template below.

Delivery Timescales

Since the introduction of the new P2P project, an expert buyer will place the order with Orange. Telecoms cannot give you advice on when they will do this, or when your order is expected to arrive. Please call 8009 for information on your orders.

Delivery timescales from Orange is 72 hours (not including the P2P process).

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Template Purchase Req for New Mobile Broadband Orders MSWord 59Kb

Template Purchase Req for New Mobile Broadband Orders