New Phones & Sims

New Connections are brand new contracts for those who require mobile access, but currently do not have a mobile.

If you already have a mobile number and want a different handset, please see Upgrades.

How to order:

Ordering a new mobile phone (and number) is as simple as:

Step1 Icon - Choose handset

Handset Type
Basic Calls/Text
SIM only  
Handset Usage Basic Calls and Texts Multiple Uses inc. Email/Calendar For existing Equipment
Handset Name Mobiwire Aponi

SAMSUNG Galaxy J3(2016)

Device Image
Nokia 207
Nokia Lumia 635
Battery Talk time


10 Hrs N/A
Data Connections - 3G/4G/WiFi N/A
Frequencies (Bands) - Quad N/A
Camera 5 Megapixel 2 Megapixel N/A
Operating System  Proprietary Android 7 N/A
Cost £29 £124 £5

Support and user guides for the HTC 8s can be found here:

Support and user gudes for the Lumia 520 can be found here:

Support and user guides for the Lumia 635 can be found here:

Support and user guides for the Lumia 650 can be found here:

‎ Step 2 icon- Choose Care, Roaming and Data Bundle options

Decide if you require insurance:

'Tirered Care' means your handset is insured. (Recommended for high value handsets**)

  1. Full Cover £5 per month
  • Covers Loss/Stolen/Damage

     2. Damage cover £1.50 per month

  • Damage only

      Excess of £15/£35/£55 applies depending on the handset value. (iPhone may be more)

'Without Care' means your handset is not insured.

All new connections are added on Standard Core price plan .

All Smartphone connections will have a 500 MegaByte data 'bundle' added. (You can go PAYG but will be charged £1 per MB). If you are a regular international traveller, please see Roaming Device Bundles under the Roaming heading for an alternative data bundle. You can indicate if roaming is required by circling your choice on the internal purchase requisition.

** A note on Care: Care is only avavilable for 36 months and is cancelled by Orange automatically after this period.

Step 3 icon- Submit and order

Submit an internal purchase requisition to Telecoms office to arrange ordering. To help ensure that you provide all the necessary information and reduce the chance of your request being rejected, please use the template IPR below. Delivery timescales from Orange is 72 hours (not including the P2P process). You will receive an email detailing the Web Requisition number raised for this purchase. 

(Reduce the chance of your order being rejected: Ensure that your internal purchase requisition is signed by your line manager and by the head of school/service. Please do not send us an unsigned word document as it can not be processed. It should be printed, signed using ink and either scanned as a PDF and emailed to

Contract Observations:

When you submit an order to telecoms for a new mobile (and upgrades where you change your price plan), you are entering into a 24 month rolling contract with Orange, which does not terminate automatically after the 24 month minimum term. There are no cancellations/cool off period or handset returns, please ensure you are aware of this prior to submitting an order.

The contract you enter into is the same as contract phones which you may personally have; there are strict conditions which must be adhered too, including buying out contracts which are within the 24 month minimum and not being able to swap handsets/SIM cards between handsets. Orange tie the SIM card number and IMEI number of the handset together and know when they have been changed, doing so will invalidate your warranty which you will still pay a monthly charge for.

Telecoms involvement is procurement, we do not administer mobile phones, they are simply ordered from Orange via our office, where we will endeavour to offer you the best advice and ensure that you have the correct services to support mobility.

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Template IPR for New Connections MSWord 59Kb

Template IPR for New Connections.  Please ensure that you submit a completed IPR signed by the budegt holder and Head of Service to prevent delays in ordering.