Understanding Data Bundles

Data Bundles for mobile handsets

For information regarding data bundles for use with a laptop computer or iPad, see Roaming.

A Data Bundle is a deal offered by Orange that gives you (for example) 500 MegaBytes of data for a set price. If you were to purchase data by Pay As You Go, you would be charged £1 per MB consumed, so you can see instantly that a data bundle is very good value.

UK Data Bundles (for use with mobile handsets)

Data Cost Contract Out of Bundle
500 MB £4.25 per month 24 month, concurrent with voice contract £0.80 per MB

This bundle can be added multiple times.

Roaming Data Bundles (for use with mobile handsets)

These bundles are an alternative to the standard UK data bundles to which all new connections are added. The standard UK data bundle (500MB) does not include bundled data for use abroad. Choosing one of the bundles below will be better value for users who travel abroad regularly (eg. monthly), else the UK standard bundle with an Orange Travel data bundle added (see Roaming) as and when needed, would represent better value for money.

Product Name Bundle Costs Minimum Contract UK Data Allowance Roaming Europe Roaming Worldwide Roaming out of bundle
Email & Internet UK & Europe £22 12 Months




UK use £0.80 per MB

 Roaming use as Standard Data Charges

Email & Internet UK & World



12 Months 500MB N/A 20MB
Email & Internet Worldwide only £50 1 Month N/A N/A 20MB

What does 500MB mean? How many emails is that?

Unfortunately, this is like asking how long is a piece of string. It all depends on how much information you are sending or receiving.

If you compose a short email and do not add an attachment, that email may only be upto 10KBs (Kilobytes). There are 1024 KiloBytes in 1 MegaByte. Based on this measure, 100's of emails can be send/received within the 500MB bundle.

If you received a very large email, lets say that it is 25KBs, and it has a word attachment which is 1MB in size, you will consume 1049KBs from your data bundle.

If you loaded a web page on your handset, lets say www.bbc.co.uk, that web page may be 1MB in size, taking into account all of the text, pictures and graphics on that page, you would consume 1MB of data from your bundle by loading 1 web page. Other web pages which may be mainly text and not many pictures or graphics would consume far less data.

You may have a weather app on your phone. It syncronises every hour. The data being transferred may only be 2/3 KBs on each update. 24 x 3KBs = 72 KBs per day, just for the weather updates.

Typically a 500MB bundle will adequately cover your day to day phone usage. For users who regularly download large files, view videos, view multiple web pages or use apps which regularly connect to the internet (Facebook, Twitter clients), it could be alot easier to exceed the 500MB bundle.


Content delivered to your mobile is (usually) optimised for the mobile phone. This means video, pictures and graphic files are smaller in size to those intended to be viewed using a desktop/laptop computer.

If you tether your mobile phone to a laptop, you will find that your 500MB bundle will be consumed far more quickly that viewing content on the mobile handset. Please be aware of this before you tether your handset to your mobile.

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