Using your phone overseas

Please ensure that you have read all of information regarding "Roaming". The roaming service must be requested by you, and activated on your handset before you leave the UK. Orange cannot gaurantee that roaming can be successfully applied to the SIM card in your phone once it has left the UK.

How does Roaming Work?

Orange have agreements with other mobile network providers in other countries. Orange call these "Partner Networks". Your phone automatically scans for networks and connects to the preffered networks. However, not all networks are equal. Some are not as advanced as others, resulting in your handset connecting to a "Partner Network" which may not offer a full range of services you would expect to recieve.

It is your own responsibility to check the Orange web site for details on which "Partner Networks" are available in the countries in which you plan to travel. Not only can you find out which networks Orange are partnered with, but also what services these networks offer, what 'bands' they operate in and calling costs.

What networks can/should I use whilst in another country?

Check the Orange web site for detailed information on which networks Orange have partnered with, and what services are available from them.

Enable Roaming on the handset - (Warning! Data roaming costs are exorbitant, please see the "Roaming" link for discount data bundles)

Android Windows Phone

Menu-Settings-Wireless&Networks-Mobile Networks

Tick "Data Roaming" check box.

Tick "Data Roaming Sound" check box.

Goto Settings.

Under 'data roaming options' select "don't roam", change "roam".


Selecting a partner network on the handset

Android Windows Phone

Menu-Settings-Wireless&Networks-Mobile Networks-Netwok Operators

Click "Search networks". The handset returns a list of operators.

Select the "partner network" you wish to use.

Goto Settings.

Select "mobile network". Scroll down to "Network selection"

Select 'automatic' then 'press to select'. Handset returns list of networks.

Select the "partner network" you wish to use.  


Android Handsets only - Always-on Mobile data

This option means the phone will always try to make an active "data" connection to the mobile network. As part of this process, the handset 'negotiates' the connection with the network. Data is being passed back and forth between the network to the handset. This incurs a charge/is taken from your bundle.

Disabling the option means that your email will not automatically be pushed to the handset. Every application which needs a network connection will have to set up the connect each time it wants to send./receive data. This can increase data usage and consume more battery power. It can also interfere with the normal operation of the application causing it to fail.

Android Handsets only - Ensuring your "Syncronised accounts" (e.g. email) sync whilst abroad

All of the settings above are Global Settings relating the the operation of the phone. However some settings relate directly to an application or "account".

Select Menu - Settings - Accounts & Sync

Ensure that the "Background Data" check box is ticked - this means applications can sync, send and receive data at any time. (Unchecking this option means none of the applications will sync or transfer data unless you manually sync. This may seem cumbersome, however it ensures that your "data" charges are kept to a minimum. Remember to re-activate it when you return the the UK)

Select Exchange Activesync - General Settings

Ensure that "Sync when roaming" check box is ticked - this enables syncronisation when roaming. (Unchecking this option means auto syncing of your accounts will not happen. You can always manually sync as and when needed)

Using Voicemail

Some "Partner Networks" require you to enter a PIN to access your voicemail box in the UK. It is necessary that you set a PIN on your Orange voicemail box before you leave the UK. This will enable you to retrieve your voicemail whilst roaming.

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