Access to SAP


It is University policy that staff members who require SAP access must first receive the appropriate training. They will be trained in the areas required to fulfil their duties at the University.

Applying for access to SAP (new starters or new SAP users)

  1. Contact the Service Desk on extension 5999.
    Note: You can apply for access for a new starter before they start at the University provided their University user ID and email address (contact the Service Desk, ext 5999) have been created.
  2. The Service Desk will record your call and send out a SAP User Registration form (also called a green form).
  3. The SAP User Registration form must be completed as per guidance notes attached to the form and returned to the Service Desk.
  4. The new starter/user will be booked on the appropriate training course and will receive email confirmation.
  5. After attending training, the new starter/user will be contacted by the Service Desk to set up a password for accessing PSE Management and SAP Logon.
Pre-booking a new starter

New starters can be pre-booked on training courses before they start at the University. It is not necessary to know their names at this stage as the pre-booking is recorded against the school or section.

To pre-book a new starter:

Additional information for new starters

The Staff Development Unit (SDU) run the "Intro to IT services for staff" workshop, which is aimed at new starters. For more information contact the SDU.

Applying for additional access to SAP (existing SAP users)

  1. Contact the Service Desk on extension 5999 requesting an amendment to your SAP access.
  2. You will be contacted regarding approval of your request.
  3. If appropriate, you will be booked on the relevant training course.

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