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On behalf of the University, the IT Service purchases and manages a great variety of licences for software.

In some cases there are "site licences"; in other cases much more complicated negotiations must be conducted; in yet other cases licensing agreements cannot be agreed and individual Schools or members of staff must buy software for themselves.

In all cases, please first enquire with your local Computing Officer about the arrangements for a particular package. He or she will usually know the circumstances, or can liaise with the IT Service when necessary.

Software manufacturers differ in their attitudes to making licences available to institutions like universities; conditions can be strict. The University is very careful to adhere to licence agreements.

Obtaining a new Software Licence

The web page for each piece of software available from the IT Service details the procedure for obtaining that software.

Please note that pricing can change so it is advisable to check the specific page for the software you require before completing an Internal Purchase Requisition.

Completed and signed Internal Purchase Requisitions can be sent via:

  • Email to
  • Post to IT Service Desk, Claremont Tower, Claremont Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU

Please Note: To enable us to efficiently action your request can you please provide the computer name for the software licence on the purchase requisition (where applicable).

Renewing Existing Licences

Some software licences expire and need to be renewed. To request the renewal of an existing licence, please complete the licensing renewal form.

Security Group Requests (for use by Computing Officers)

To request to have a machine added to a security group so that non-site licensed software can be installed via group policy or to request a transfer of licence from one machine to another, complete the Security Group Request form.

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