System Status

The System Status is used to announce:

  • scheduled work which will interrupt services in a significant way –
    see At Risk Period below;
  • status reports on unexpected, large-scale, interruptions.

The default message on this page is "Everything is running normally". This means that we are not aware of any major service problems.

If you think that there is a problem, please contact the IT Service Desk. The problem will be investigated by relevant systems staff as soon as possible.

The At Risk Period

7am-9am on Tuesday mornings is referred to as the "at risk" period when system work on IT Services will be scheduled if possible. This period is timed to coincide with the at risk period used by the JANET network.

When appropriate, announcements are made on the Staff Home Page (seen by staff at login) and/or the Student Home Page (seen by students at login on Cluster PCs).

Please note: during the at risk period, work may be carried out which is not announced: such work is not expected to affect services in any noticeable way.

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