System Status

IT Service status updates

You can find out if there is a serious or widespread IT issue in a number of ways:

These pages and feeds will be kept updated as any IT issues happen and will notify you when normal service is restored.

Emergency communication procedure

If we are unable to communicate electronically (via email or web) for an extended period of time, please be patient and only call the IT Service Desk if you have an urgent query, or have more information to offer related to the incident.

We will try to get as much information as possible out to Schools, Institutes and Services for cascade. Please check Twitter for public updates.

Routine updates

Between 7-9am on Tuesday mornings, system work on IT Services will be scheduled, if possible. This period is timed to coincide with the at risk period used by the JANET network. During this period, work may be carried out which is not announced, though is not expected to affect services in any noticeable way.