Wireless microphone systems

In teaching spaces with wireless microphones these are available from chargers on the AV lectern. The microphones are configured specifically for the individual rooms they are installed in, they will not work across multiple venues therefore it is imperative that they remain within the intended venue at all times.

To ensure microphones are readily available for the next user of the space, it is very important that they are placed back in their charger unit on completion of teaching sessions.

If you find a microphone that isn’t working, or has been removed from a teaching space, then please contact us as soon as possible, to enable them to take quick and appropriate action and alleviate any potential distress to other users of the facilities.

The Digital Switchover has meant that some existing wireless microphone systems no longer work. Systems bought in the future need to be carefully co‚Äźordinated, or they may prevent each other from working. Audio Visual Services have audited all known wireless microphone systems on the main University campus and have:

  • Rationalised and reconfigured all wireless microphone systems in centrally supported teaching and learning spaces
  • Assisted University staff with the reconfiguration and/or replacement of school owned wireless microphone systems to ensure compliancy
  • Purchased a fixed site licence to cover all known RF radio microphone systems installed on the main University campus.

 If you are looking to purchase a wireless microphone system then please read the University Policy on Wireless Microphones below and then submit a request to AVS  

wireless microphone policy PDF 201Kb

Please read this policy document before purchasing a wireless microphone system

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