Wireless Presentation

How to use the System

To present wirelessly on PC or Mac for the first time, select the wireless button on the AV control panel and then go to the IP address shown on the display in the room.

Click the big connect button to download the software to your computer. On iOS download the solstice client app from the App Store and on Android download the Solstice app from Google Play.

Once you have the app/software installed if you run the software and then select the wireless presentation button on the AV control panel there will be an IP address and security key displayed on the AV display.

Enter these details within the software/app on your wireless device to connect (the key changes after every use, to make sure you are in the room when connecting to the system).

You can then share documents, screens from your devices wirelessly to the projection system.

The next time you use the wireless presentation you can just run the software/app and it will remember the last used location and is ready to connect with the key on the screen.