Labour Charges

Labour charges will not be incurred for any events classified as University business requiring technical support that commence during core University business hours (8am – 6pm weekdays), provided the event finishes no later than 8pm.

Labour charges will be incurred (at the appropriate rates below) for any events requiring technical support that commence outside of core University business (6pm-8am weekdays, weekends and Bank Holidays)

All requests are subject to available resource, room availability and a minimum notice period.

A minimum of two hours will be charged for technical support requests between 6pm and 8am weekdays and a minimum of four hours will be charged during weekends and bank holidays.

Days/times Rate
During Core University Business Hours (08.00-18.00 weekdays) £15 per hour
Sundays and Bank holidays £30 per hour
Any other times £20 per hour

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