Managing regulation: how to make regulation work for your business

Event focused on how growth-oriented small firms manage regulation.

Regulation is a key concern to small businesses. Some firms manage it well and prosper and others struggle to deal with the ‘burden’. This workshop is aimed at highlighting those factors based on research that show how firms manage regulation well, and how, if managed well, regulation can actually improve and benefit the business.

A Newcastle University team of researchers have conducted research looking at how growth-oriented small firms manage regulation. The ESRC-funded project worked intensively with 12 firms in the North East and East Midlands in the environmental services, bio-pharma, media and security sectors.

The outputs of the research will have a significant impact on how this and future governments think about regulation and policy setting, both generally and in terms of specific sectors.

As a small firm affected by regulation, we would like you to participate in a feedback event where we can

  • Let you know about our key findings and how they might be relevant for your firm
  • Listen to you and your concerns and issues regarding regulation
  • Give you access to other small firms to discuss ideas and concerns around regulation
  • Give you access to relevant policy makers interested in your issues and concerns

There are two events to choose from one at Newcastle University Business School and the other in Nottingham.


To register for your chosen event please use the relevant link below:

Managing Regulation Newcastle 12 June 2012

Managing Regulation Nottingham 20 June 2012


Timings for both events 12.30-4pm lunch, will be provided 

If you have any questions regarding these events please contact Dr Simon Down at:




published on: 4th May 2012