Professor Savvas Papagiannidis
David Goldman Prof of Innovation & Enterprise / Head of Marketing, Operations and Systems Group


  • Head of the Marketing, Operations and Systems Subject Group
  • Chair of the British Academy of Management Ebusiness & Egovernment SIG
  • Leader of ebusiness@newcastle KITE research stream
  • BSc Hons Theoretical Physics
  • PhD Theoretical Physics
  • DBA Ebusiness
  • PG Certificate In Academic Practice
  • MEd Practitioner Enquiry
  • MA International Studies
  • Member of the British Academy of Management (SIG Chair and Elected Member of the Council)
  • Member of Institute of Physics (MInstP)
  • Member of the UK Academy of Information Systems (UKAIS)
  • Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

My research interests mainly revolve around electronic business and its various sub-domains and high tech entrepreneurship. More specifically, my research aims to inform our understanding of how e-business technologies affect the social and business environment, organisational strategies and business models, and how these are implemented in terms of functional innovations. My work puts strong emphasis on innovation, new value creation and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities, within the context of different industries. Apart from the impact that the Internet and related technologies can have on businesses, I am also very much interested in the impact such technologies can have on individual users. 

I am currently working on a number of e-related papers (e.g. on virtual worlds, political marketing and mobile video). A few of my publications may be also available in the e-print section of University's main web site. 

Research Interests

  • E-business 
  • E-commerce 
  • E-marketing 
  • E-learning & Higher Education 
  • ICT Innovation, Adoption and Acceptance
  • Social / New Media 
  • Virtual worlds / metaverses  
  • Internet and other emerging technologies 

Postgraduate Supervision

Apart from postgraduate dissertation supervision, I am supervising four doctoral students.

Editorial Boards Participation

I am one of the founding editors of the International Journal of Business Science & Applied Management ( and a member of a number of editorial boards (e.g. the advisory board of Technological Forecasting and Social Change).

Research Funding

I was the principal investigator for the projects listed below. 

Research Funding

I was the principal investigator for the projects listed below. 

  1. Newcastle University Research Internships Project: The use of space by a social enterprise / Social media and engagement Duration:06/2013 – 08/2013 Funding: £3,000 
  2. Newcastle University Institute of Social Renewal
    5 x Research and Engagement Projects on Social Renewal Duration:06/2013 – 07/2013 Funding: £4,350 
  3. Newcastle University Research Internships Project: Web Site Change: Studying the diffusion of Internet technologies Duration:04/2012 – 07/2012 Funding: £3,000 
  4. Newcastle University REF Fund & Business School Project: Studying 3D product authenticity Duration: 09/2010 – 08/2011 Funding: £3,000 
  5. Newcastle University Teaching and Innovation Fund Award Project: Delivery of online taster courses Duration:04/2010 – 02/2011 Funding: £4,500 
  6. Newcastle University Business Voucher Scheme Project: To improve the online presence and services of a local SME. Duration: 12/2009-01/2010 Funding: £4,000 
  7. Newcastle University Teaching and Innovation Fund Award Project: Delivery of online taster courses Duration: 04/2009 – 10/2009 Funding: £5,000 
  8. British Telecoms Research Fellowship Duration: 11/2008-02/2009 Topic: Online video services 
  9. Developing and Implementing an E-Business System in Peacocks Medical Group  Project jointly funded by the DTI, ESRC and Peacocks Medical Group under the Knowledge Transfer Programme (KTP). To map and re-engineer the company's key business processes and put in place the supporting IT and e-business systems in order to improve competitiveness and customer services and reduce costs and lead-time. Duration 2005-2007 Funding £99,044 
  10. Development and Implementation of the Online Resource Portal for British Academy of Management (BAM) 2006. Funding £17,625 Working with BAM Council and BAM Executive to specify, design, develop and implement an online resource portal for the British Academy of Management. 
  11. Newcastle University  HASS Faculty Teaching Fellowship Develop a management information system to facilitate institutional assessment strategies. Duration: 2006-2007 Funding £12,000