How to Join the CentreLanguage Resource Centre membership registration form

All members on registering must sign agreement to the Centre's rules (PDF)

Members of Newcastle University

Language Resource Centre facilities are available free of charge to all staff and students of Newcastle University who register with us. To register you will need to

  • complete a simple on-line registration form *
  • bring your University Smartcard to the LRC reception to allow staff to add access permission

*The on-line registration form is accessible to Newcastle University Members only on the Newcastle University network (Non-University members please see details below). Standard and large print registration forms are available at LRC reception if you would prefer to register in this way.

You will need to bring your smart card every time you wish to use the facilities as you cannot gain entry to the Centre without it. Note: Please do not allow others to use your card. You may lose your right to membership if you lend your card to another person.

Non-University Members

Current fees are:

  • £10 per calendar month
  • £80 per calendar year**

**Reduced annual rate of £48 for Newcastle University alumni, retired staff and the spouses and offspring of Newcastle University staff and students. If you are claiming a reduced rate you will need to provide proof of status.

In order to register you will need:

  • a cheque or cash for the appropriate fee
  • a completed registration form (available from Reception)
  • proof of status if claiming a reduced rate (letter from Alumni Association etc.)

If you you have any further queries about joining the centre please contact us.