Centre Equipment

Satellite TV and Video

Watching language learning videos

The Language Resource Centre is equipped with over 40 combined video and television units, all capable of viewing pre-recorded videos or receiving satellite television. There is a small number of DVD players. 24 satellite channels can be broadcast at any one time, in many languages, in addition to the five British terrestrial channels. News from satellite is recorded 5 times a week in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Other languages may be available from time to time - please ask.

Computers and Language Learning Software

Language learning software available includes multimedia CD-Roms and exercises for practising the grammar and vocabulary of selected languages. PCs are equipped with spell checkers for English, French, and Spanish. International web sites can also be accessed from these machines for up to the minute authentic material.

Audio Equipment

In order to practise listening and speaking we have 35 audio players with listen and record facilities. These enable users to record their voice onto our cassettes (to compare with the native speaker model) without affecting the master track.

Reading, Writing and Discussion Areas

There are comfortable reading bays for reading foreign newspapers, magazines or books and we have also provided three Talk Shops which are available for group viewing and discussion of videos.

Any desk without a machine on the lower shelf may be used for written work.