Multimedia Resources

We have several multimedia software programs to aid English language learning. These include:

Study Skills Success

An interactive course in academic English covering listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar, vocabulary and research. Ideal for self-study and particularly useful for students preparing for the IELTS exam.

Getting started with Study Skill Success software. (PDF)

Report Writer

An interactive tool designed to help you create logical and well-written technical reports.

Getting started with Report Writer software. (PDF)

Read Up - Speed Up

A program to improve learner reading speeds. A variety of texts are provided in a range of subject areas.

Technology in Context

This program is based on the BBC's Tomorrow's World series and contains a variety of comprehension, grammar, speaking and writing tasks on the themes of science and technology.

Oxford Hachette French Dictionary

A complete French-English, English-French dictionary, compiled entirely from the statistical evidence of language databanks. It features more than 360,000 words and phrases and 550,00 translations.