Clean and Quiet

During the exam period we want everyone to have the chance to study in a clean and quiet environment.

We will help you by:

  • Providing and monitoring silent study areas:
  • Offering a Noise Alert Service. If someone is disturbing your study by being noisy we have a dedicated Noise Alert Service where you can report noise issues.
    Text 07891 484 764 with details of where you are and we will send a member of staff to discreetly investigate. Alternatively, find any member of staff and ask them to intervene.
  • Introducing extra study spaces and PCs in YourSpace. Have a look at our study space availability page to find out where it’s busy and where there may be free spaces.
  • Helping you to find a desk in the Library. Staff will help you find a desk by checking where free desks may be available and will remove any belongings where a desk or PC has been unoccupied for longer than 15 minutes.
  • Extending Philip Robinson Café opening hours to buy food and drink.

We would like you to help us by:

  • Studying quietly in the silent study areas
  • Using the group study rooms, or social study spaces for group discussions.
  • Using the bins and recycling containers to keep the library clean and tidy. Please remove all rubbish from your desk when you leave.
  • Removing your belongings from desks if you are going to be away for more than 15 minutes. In the Philip Robinson please use the 4 hour/overnight lockers to keep your belonging safe if you need to leave the Library.
  • Stay hydrated, take regular breaks, and please be aware of our policy on eating and drinking in the Library.

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