Social media at Newcastle University Libraries

Do you like Facebook or is Twitter your thing?

Join us on our networks - we use the following platforms in the library to share information with our readers and we may even entertain you.

Tweets are monitored 8.30am -8.00pm Monday – Friday during term time, we aim to respond within 24 hours.


We have a single official page for all libraries.

Keep up to date with news, events, fun stuff and regular competitions at:


There's a range of Twitter feeds you can follow:

  • @ncllibarts - Arts and Humanities Liaison Team
  • @nclliblaw - Law Library
  • @ncllibmed - Walton Library – the faculty library for Medical Sciences
  • @nclroblib - Robinson Library (Customer Services) - updates about your library, city and beyond
  • @ncllibsage - Science, Agriculture and Engineering Liaison Team
  • @ncllibsoc - Social Sciences Liaison Team
  • @ncllibspeccoll - Special Collections
  • @ncllibweb - Web Team (Digital Library Services)


For helpful videos take a look at:


Lots of images associated with the Robinson library, the University and the region:


For a range of slides used in teaching sessions about library services:


Lots of images associated with the library, the University and the region:


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