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Interviews with new staff: Dr Dawn Knight

The second in a series of interviews with new staff in CRiLLS.

published on: 1st December 2011

New staff in CRiLLS

The first in a series of CRiLLS interviews to present new staff begins with Marie-Claude Tremblay.

published on: 17th November 2011

The Syntax of Yes and No

The project is funded by a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship, for 24 months starting October 2011. The aim is to carry out two related tasks: (a) a survey of forms of answers, affirmative and negative, to polar questions (yes/no-questions) in the languages of the world, and (b) an investigation of the syntactic structure of the different types of answers encountered: What do they have in common, how do they differ?

published on: 15th November 2011

French kitchen is a recipe for success

An innovative kitchen that gives step-by-step cooking instructions in French could spark a revolution in language learning in the UK.

published on: 3rd November 2011

Journee Impersonnels (Workshop on Impersonal Pronouns)

Conference Report

published on: 6th October 2011

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