Distinguished Speaker Series: Elizabeth Traugott

November 26,  2010 Prof. Elizabeth Closs Traugott will present a paper at Newcastle University, as part of the Distinguished Speakers in Linguistics series organised by the Centre of Research in Linguistics and Language Sciences (CRiLLS).

Elizabeth C. Traugott, Professor Emeritus of Linguistics and English at Stanford University,   has done research in historical syntax, semantics, and pragmatics, lexicalization, socio-historical linguistics, and linguistics and literature.  She is particularly famous for her groundbreaking work on language change. Several works by her  have become classics in the field.  Her books  include  A History of English Syntax (1972), Linguistics for Students of Literature (1980; with Mary L. Pratt), Grammaticalization (1993, 2nd much revised ed. 2003; with Paul Hopper), Regularity in Semantic Change (2002; with Richard B. Dasher) and Lexicalization and Language Change (2005; with Laurel J. Brinton). Her current research focuses on ways to bring the theories of grammaticalization and construction grammar to bear on accounts of micro-changes.

   Throughout her career, Elizabeth Closs Traugott has been driven by the ambition to combine traditional work in areas like the history of English with new theoretical insights. She remains at the forefront of research which focuses on the interface between information structure, interactional
negotiation and word order changes.


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published on: 15th October 2010