photograph Interviews with new staff :Dr Cristina Dye

Cristina has always been interested in science and languages. Inspired by two parents with engineering backgrounds, Cristina attended science schools and took part in mathematics Olympiads from an early age. As a researcher and an academic, she now gets the chance to put her interest in languages and sciences together to look at how human language is acquired.

Cristina has had quite an international educational background. She completed an MA and then a PhD in language development at Cornell University, working on toddlers’ acquisition of functional elements. Following her PhD, Cristina worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in cognitive neuroscience at Georgetown University for 3 years.  She joined Newcastle as a lecturer in child language development in September 2011. When asked  what other degree she would do if she had the chance,  her answer was a degree in computer science.

A book that has had a great influence on her is Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, a non-fiction book which examines very interesting factors that contribute to high levels of success.
Cristina enjoys living in Newcastle and particularly likes the city’s proximity to the coast. She enjoys visits to Tynemouth and the Quayside and finds people here very friendly. She has also had a very positive experience at the university and appreciates the students’ curiosity and challenging questions.

published on: 31st January 2012