New Linguistics Society


Join by Sunday 13 October for extra benefits

For the first time, linguists and language scientists are invited to join the newly-formed Linguistics Society, which will provide you with the opportunity to meet people with similar interests from across the university, network and have fun! The society will be of interest to staff and students of linguistics, English language, language learning and teaching but we warmly welcome any members with an interest in language, its uses and how it works - no knowledge required and the annual membership is only £5 (+ £3 insurance if you are not a member of any other society). Please sign up in a simple 5-minute process as described below (or see attached).

Brief description of the society's objectives:

· To promote social and networking activities between linguistics and language students and staff from the three schools; SELL, ECLS and SML.

· To boost awareness of linguistics and language sciences across the university through monthly social events, with discounts on trips.

· To arrange other linguistics-related discussion fora at least once termly, and support linguistics contributions at faculty/university level, such as through E-pisteme, postgraduate conferences.

· To work with CRiLLS in supporting the Annual Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Here's how to register with us:

  1. Visit -
  2. Log in, click on "New Student" and complete the form
  3. Click "submit" after completing form
  4. Click on "Clubs and Societies"
  5. Search for Linguistics Society and add to basket
  6. Click on "Membership" tab to view and pay for membership
  7. Click on "Check out" then fill in card payment details
  8. Click "proceed"
  9. A page saying "TRANSACTION COMPLETE" at the top should come up. You are now a member of the Linguistics Society.
  10. Provided we have 15 members by 13 October, we can be awarded a new societies set-up grant which means we can discount the cost of trips we arrange, eg to Durham Library to access the (large) linguistics and language education collection.

    Rola Naeb, Clare Wright, Laura Bailey and Caroline Corder

    Organising Committee

published on: 10th October 2008