SLA Seminar Series – Newcastle Workshop

Methodology in applied Generative SLA: current practices in analysing second language development

FREE attendance, refreshments provided.
The workshop aims to explore and add to current debates in applied generative SLA, by:
1. Investigating current challenges and innovations in analysing generative SLA in instructed or other applied contexts, especially in tracking second language development over time
2. Evaluating best practice for methodologies of data collection and analysis for applied generative SLA
3. To identify training requirements to update expertise for faculty and research students
4. To build sustainable long-term pathways for third-strand engagement and impact, especially for language teachers
Keynote talk from Professor Florence Myles, Essex University:  "Comparing various elicitation techniques for work on generative SLA"
Call for papers - we invite contributions for short papers (15-20 minutes) which will form the basis of round-table discussion sessions (approx. 50 minutes overall). Topics in line with the general methodological focus on the workshop are welcome, but especially papers focusing on:

•  developmental research, e.g. measures of increasing fluency, longitudinal change in linguistic competence, OR
•  connecting classroom instruction with SLA theory

Abstracts, one page maximum, emailed to Clare Wright (
Deadline for abstracts:  5 June 2012

Registration available at here

published on: 10th May 2012