photograph Visiting Fellow: Laura Sanchez-Perez

CRiLLS are pleased to welcome Laura Sanchez-Perez who is with us as a Visiting Fellow from November 2010 - January 2011.

Laura is a lecturer in the English and German Philology Department at the University of Barcelona. She teaches undergraduate courses on English Descriptive Grammar and Contrastive Linguistics, and MA courses on bilingualism and multilingualism for graduate students. Her main research interests are second and third (or additional) language acquisition, with a focus on grammatical development and psyholinguistics. In this sense, her interests are two-fold. On the one hand, she is much interested in crosslinguistic influence, especially between non-native languages. On the other hand, she is a member of different Spanish national and international research projects that aim to analyze the role played by the factors age, proficiency, and input in instructed acquisition.

If you are interested in meeting Laura to discuss her research interests please contact CRiLLS in the first instance. 

published on: 18th November 2010