photograph Well-known techniques in a new area:

Towards A New Linguistic Atlas of France

Towards A New Linguistic Atlas of France (TANLAF) is a project to collect phonetic and phonological data on the Northern third of France, using the methodology of the Atlas of North American English (Labov, Ash and Boberg 2006) and the Phonologie du Français Contemporain project (Durand, Laks and Lyche 2009). The sociolinguistic techniques of data collection are generally well-known, then, and the instrumental dialectological techniques are well-known in the English-speaking world, but arguably not elsewhere. France is certainly one of the cradles of dialectology, thanks to the Atlas Linguistique de France (Gilliéron and Edmont, 1902-10), but nevertheless TANLAF represents the application of well-known techniques in a new area, since phonetic and phonological dialectology, which pays attention to the structure of speakers’ vowel-spaces, is not much practised outside the English-speaking world.
This talk will present the TANLAF project (a two-year project which began in March 2011), covering its intended place in the dialectology of French, and its design and future direction. Previous sociophonetic analyses of individual Northern French varieties have revealed unexpected but consistent phonetic differences between local accents in the area; the intention is that TANLAF will do so on a larger scale, as a first step towards providing us with the basic phonetic data on regional urban accent differentiation in Northern France.
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published on: 27th September 2012