The Phonetics group consists of:

Staff: Ghada Khattab; Gerry Docherty; Jalal Al-Tamimi; Katya Samoylova

Current students: Hussin Kriba; Isao Hara; Hanan Taqi; Wasan Al-Siraih, Reenu Punnoose; Aslynn Wang; Nadine Awde; Mirjana Sokolovic-Perovic; Sabina Nenkova

Meeting purpose: Phonetic transcription of various languages, children's speech, and disordered speech; reading and discussing phonetics and laboratory phonology articles; dry-runs for conference presentations; preparation for panels; showcase of student's PhD work; using PRAAT, and any other activities that might benefit students or staff who belong to the group.

Membership: Anybody with interest in phonetics and/or phonology is welcome to join the group.

Meeting dates / times: These vary a lot, especially outside term-time. This summer, for instance, we're not meeting at all because more than half of the group is away for fieldwork and other research-related activities. During term time, meetings tend to take place fortnightly on a Thursday from 12 till 1pm, but dates and times may vary so anybody thinking of joining may like to regularly check the website for updated information.

Venue: Room 2.14 KGVI when the phonetics lab or powerpoint are needed, CRiLLS space at other times. Once again, we will try to advertise venues along with dates and times online.

For further information please email Ghada Khattab.