Volume 10, 2004 Volume 10

  • Lucy Carey: I was like “Oh God”: The changing quotative systems in British English [Abstract]  
  • Marcela Cazzoli-Goeta, Pascual Jose Masullo, and Martha Young-Scholten: Second languages acquisition of non-nominative subjects in Spanish [Abstract
  • Mercedes Durham: Also, as well and too: The non-native variation of additive adverbials [Abstract
  • S.J. Hannahs: Malagasy infixing reduplication [Abstract
  • Fredrick Heinat: Pronouns at the phases [Abstract]
  • Anders Holmberg and David Odden: The Izafe and NP structure in Hawrami [Abstract]
  • Mayumi Hosono: Reconsideration of L1 acquisition data from the perspective of information structure [Abstract
  • Jeong-Young Kim: Phonological representation of phonemes in L2A: The perception of Korean stops by English and Finnish speakers [Abstract
  • George Kotzoglou: On triggered inversion in Greek: Implications of head movement and morphology [Abstract
  • Heather Marsden: L2 knowledge of quantifier scope in Korean and English learners of Japanese [Abstract
  • Makiko Mukai: A comparative study of compound words in English and Japanese [Abstract
  • Aarti Nayudu: Taita: Some phonological aspects [Abstract
  • Stephanie Pourcel: Motion & relativity cont [Abstract]
  • Michelle Sheehan: An interface analysis of verb subject inversion in Romance [Abstract]

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