Volume 15, 2009

Complete Volume 15: Newcastle Working Papers in Linguistics

  • Nasser Al-Horais: A minimalist approach to agreement in Arabic [Abstract |Full text] cover
  • Noel Burton-Roberts: On the grounding of syntax - and more [Abstract |Full text]
  • Stergios Chatzikyriakidis: The person case constraint in modern Greek: A unified dynamic syntax analysis [Abstract |Full text]
  • Stephen Disney: The grammaticalisation of "Be Going To" [Abstract |Full text]
  • Agnieszka Latos: Concession on different levels of linguistic connection: Typology of negated casual links [Abstract |Full text]
  • Michelle Sheehan: The final-over-final constraint as a result of complement stranding [Abstract |Full text]
  • Mirjana Sokolović-Perović: Voicing-conditioned vowel duration in southern Serbian [Abstract |Full text]
  • Gary Wood: The identity of silence: Acquiring the identity condition on sluicing [Abstract |Full text]
  • Qi Zhang: Hong Kong people's attitudes towards varieties of English [Abstract |Full text]

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