Our research can be broken down into a number of different areas;

Linguistic Theory (including syntactic theory and comparative syntax, phonological theory, morphophonology and morphosyntax, semantics and pragmatics, philosophy of language, philosophy of linguistics, and the architecture of the language faculty). Linguists working in these areas are: Emeritus Professor Noel Burton-Roberts, Cristina Dye, S.J. Hannahs, Anders Holmberg, Ian Mackenzie, Geoff Poole, Maggie Tallerman, Joel Wallenberg, William van der Wurff.

Language variation and change (including historical/diachronic linguistics, sociolinguistics, grammaticalization, variationist linguistics, dialect syntax, corpus analysis, linguistic typology). Linguists working in these areas are: Karen Corrigan, Carol Fehringer, Damien Hall, Anders Holmberg, Ian Mackenzie, Adam Mearns, Heike Pichler, Geoff Poole, Maggie Tallerman, Danielle Turton, Joel Wallenberg, Richard Waltereit, William van der Wurff.

Language acquisition, development and evolution (including first language acquisition and development, the acquisition of second language morphosyntax and phonology, and evolutionary linguistics). Linguists working in these areas are: Cristina Dye, Martha Young-Scholten, Maggie Tallerman, Joel Wallenberg.

Applied Linguistics (including conversational and discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, innovative pedagogy and education technology in language teaching). Applied linguists working in these areas are: Adam Brandt, Alan Firth, Mei Lin, Paul Seedhouse, Peter Sercombe, Rachelle Vessey, Steve Walsh, Scott Windeatt, Tony Young.

Clinical Linguistics (including childhood speech and language impairment, speech and language processing in adult communication disorders, phonological awareness speech & literacy, child first- and second speech and language acquisition, bilingual speech and language acquisition, effectiveness of interventions). Speech & Language Scientists working in these areas include: Jalal Al-Tamimi, David Howard, Ghada Khattab, Nicole Lallini, James Law, Carolyn Letts, Cristina McKean, Julie Morris, Nick Riches, Christos Salis, Helen Stringer, Janet Webster.


Below is a comprehensive list of research staff with links to their personal web page and email address

A To Z

Dr Jalal-eddin Al-Tamimi
Lecturer in Phonetics

Dr Adam Brandt
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Emeritus Professor Noel Burton-Roberts
Professor of English Language and Linguistics

Professor Vivian Cook
Emeritus Professor

Professor Karen Corrigan
Prof of Linguistics & English Language

Professor Gerry Docherty
Professor of Phonetics

Dr Cristina Dye
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of Child Language Development

Dr Carol Fehringer
Senior Lecturer

Dr Alan Firth
Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Dr Damien Hall
Lecturer in French Linguistics

Dr SJ Hannahs
Reader in Linguistics

Dr Spencer Hazel
Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics & Communication

Professor Anders Holmberg
Professor in Theoretical Linguistics

Professor David Howard
Research Development Professor

Professor Rosaleen Howard
Chair of Hispanic Studies

Dr Michael Jin
Lecturer in Translation & Interpreting

Dr Ghada Khattab
Senior Lecturer

Dr Nicole Lallini
Lecturer in Speech & Language Pathology

Professor James Law
Professor of Speech & Language Sciences

Dr Carolyn Letts
Senior Lecturer

Dr Mei Lin
Senior Lecturer

Dr Elaine Lopez
Lecturer in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Professor Ian MacKenzie
Professor of Spanish Linguistics

Dr Cristina McKean

Dr Adam Mearns
Lecturer in the History of the English Language

Dr Julie Morris
Reader in Speech & Lang Sciences

Dr Gavin Oxburgh
Forensic Psychologist

Dr Heike Pichler
Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Professor Manfred Pienemann
Visiting Professor

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7453

Dr Geoffrey Poole
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Dr Nick Riches
Lecturer in Speech & Language Pathology

Dr Christos Salis

Professor Paul Seedhouse
Professor of Educational and Applied Linguistics

Dr Peter Sercombe
Senior Lecturer in Applied Linguistics

Dr Faye Smith
Lecturer in Speech and Language Sciences

Dr Helen Stringer
Lecturer/Speech and Language Therapist

Professor Maggie Tallerman
Professor of Linguistics

Dr Gary Thoms

Dr Jennifer Thorburn
Lecturer in Sociolinguistics

Dr Danielle Turton
Lecturer in Phonology

Dr William van der Wurff
Senior Lecturer in Linguistics

Dr Joel Wallenberg
Lecturer in the History of Eng Lang

Professor Steve Walsh
Professor of Applied Linguistics

Professor Richard Waltereit
Prof of Romance Linguistics

Dr Janet Webster
Senior Lecturer, Director of Clinical Education

Scott Windeatt

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 7797

Dr Tony Young
Senior Lecturer in Language & Communication

Professor Martha Young-Scholten
Professor of Second Language Acquisition