Linguistics at Newcastle

Staff Profile

Professor David Howard

Research Development Professor



1972 BA in Psychology; King's College, Cambridge.
1975 Licentiate of the College of Speech Therapists; School for the Study of Disorders of Human Communication, London.
1979 Postgraduate Diploma in Linguistics (CNAA); Polytechnic of Central London.
1985 PhD in Psychology; University College, London.


Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (Fellow)
Experimental Psychological Society
British Neuropsychological Society
Psychonomic Society
British Aphasiology Society
British Neuropsychiatric Association
International Neuropsychological Society


Research Interests

1. The cognitive neuropsychology of language and memory – including acquired disorders of word retrieval and production, reading, spelling, short term memory and syntactic processing.
2. The neuropsychology of dementia – particularly ‘semantic dementia’ and dementia with Lewy bodies.
3. The representation of language in the brain: PET studies of normal people and people with aphasia.
4. The rehabilitation of acquired aphasia.