ULTSEC Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund awards are designed to pump-prime the development of new or innovative approaches to learning and teaching and to enable their dissemination across the University. In response to feedback from past project leads and other stakeholders the Innovation Fund scheme was updated in 2014/15. The total amount of funding available remains the same, with a lighter-touch application process and scope to support a broader range of projects.

The Innovation Fund is a fantastic opportunity to propose and deliver projects with real benefit to learning, teaching, and the student experience.  Past projects have also offered stepping stones to other internal and external learning and teaching opportunities and funding (eg evidence for the reward and recognition of teaching; HEA schemes).  Whilst Innovation Fund projects can offer opportunities to undertake educational research, it is essential that the primary focus of projects is on improving the student learning experience.

The 2016/17 call for project proposals is now open

Responsive project proposal submission deadlines

Autumn – Monday 7th November 2016 4pm

Spring – Monday 10th April 2017 4pm

Summer – Friday 26th May 2017 4pm

Strategic project proposal submission deadlines

Semester 1: Friday 20th January 2017 4pm

Semester 2: Friday 26th May 2017 4pm

Application resources

Video Introduction: view the ReCap recording short video introduction to the Innovation Fund.

ULTSEC Innovation Fund webinars: a 20 minute introduction for potential applicants, which you can join from your desk. Webinars are available to book at the following dates and times:

Monday 17th October 2016, 09:30-09:50

Wednesday 26th October 2016, 11:00-11:20

Thursday 15th December 2016, 11:00-11:20

Friday 24th February 2017, 14:00-14:20

Wednesday 15th March 2017 15:30-15:50

Monday 10th April 2017 10:00-10:20

Sign up for a webinar or workshop on the LTDS Workshops page.

ULTSEC Innovation Fund Applicants workshops: workshops provide an overview of the fund and application process, and include presentations from project teams who have been awarded funding from the ULTSEC Innovation Fund in previous rounds.

Friday 9th December 2016 10:00-11:00

Monday 27th February 2017 14:00-15:00

You can access ReCap recordings of the follow workshops that took place in 2015/16:

ReCap recording of 7 December 2015 workshop, including presentations on projects:

  • ‘Context café: course integration sessions to engage Dental Surgery undergraduates with the basic sciences captured by notebook technology’, Luisa Wakeling, Dental Sciences
  • ‘Student-led evaluation of digital storytelling to support experiential learning’, Neil Davidson, Medical Education

ReCap recording of 24 February 2016 workshop, including presentations on projects:

  • ‘Personalised School News and SSC Feedback in the Newcastle App’, Marc Bennett, NUIT, and Iain Wheeldon, Arts and Cultures
  • ‘How to facilitate reading for undergraduate Psychology students’, Helen St Clair Thompson, Psychology

You can also access the following resources from the 2014/15 workshops:

  • workshop 1 ReCap recording, with presentations by Alison Graham (Biology, project title 'Encouraging student interaction in practical classes through tailored demonstrator training' slides; Bill Foster and Christian Perfect, Mathematics & Statistics, project title 'Feedback on the feedback: contextualising maths feedback by degree subject, a pilot in Animal Science' slides)
  • workshop 2 ReCap recording, with presentations by Ruth Valentine (Dental Science, project title 'Ensuring fairness in group work assessment' slides) and NUTS Forum (Sara Marsham Marine Science & Technology, Vanessa Armstrong Biomedical Sciences, Jean-Christophe Penet Modern Languages, project title 'The NUTS and bolgs of L&T: a staff-student partnership at Newcastle University' slides)

Application forms and guidance:

Contact for queries:


Past years' awards

2014-15 Awards

In 2014-15 the following awards were made:

  • 7 Responsive Projects, each for up to £2,500
  • 5 Strategic Projects, each for up to £10,000

Details of all the projects can be found in the 2014/15 list of funded projects.

2014 Awards: Strengthening the relationship between research and teaching, Diversifying our portfolio of programmes, and Assessment and feedback.

In 2014 the panel funded 14 projects, each for up to £5k. Six projects were funded under the priority theme of Assessment and feedback.  Five projects were funded under the priority theme of Diversifying our portfolio of programmes.  Three projects were funded under the priority themes Strengthening the relationship between research and teaching. Relevant resources are:

  • the 2014 list of funded projects - congratulations to all the award winners
  • guidance notes for applicants, including suggestions for projects aligned with each of the priority themes
  • resources from the Innovation Fund dissemination and welcome event on 9th December 2013 which included presentations from a number of Innovation Fund 2013 project teams. Here is the running order for the event and here is the ReCap recording (the recording lets you navigate between presentations). The table below has links to speakers' slides and other materials
  • this short video for applicants, talking through the application process and judging criteria.
Chris Phillips and Simon Pallett (Introduction to the Innovation Fund): slides Laura Greaves and Ellen Tullo: slides

Rene Koglbauer and Paul Miller: slides, school visit news article

Jarka Glassey, Katie Wray and Jess Jung: slides
Lynne Rawles, Alison Clapp and Laura Delgaty: slides Michelle Robson/Kate Aitchison and Marie Devlin: slides
Lindsey Ferrie and Simon Cotterill: slides Jean-Christophe Penet: slides
Kathryn Hollingsworth: slides John Lockey, Didier Talamona, Kenny Dalgarno: slides
Lee Fawcett: slides, ACC1012/3 course website

Sara Marsham, Alison Graham, Jon Goss and Christie Harner: slides, Assessment & Student Dialogue event resources