Cross-Faculty Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee (C-FLTSEC)

The core function of this committee is to act as FLTSEC to cross-University programmes and modules, specifically Career Development Modules, CASAP, INTO Newcastle University, PARTNERS and provision for postgraduates who teach which cannot otherwise be managed by the University's existing committee structures.

For further information about Cross-FLTSEC contact LTDS.

Guidance on Quality Management Processes for C-FLTSEC provision

Module Approval

The University requires that all new modules and revisions to existing modules are approved by Boards of Studies and Cross Faculty Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Committee. Modules are audited annually and module approval for the following academic year is completed in two phases. Phase 1 commences in October of each year and represents the minimum requirements for Module Approval and to support student module pre-registration and preparation of the KIS data. Phase 2 takes place in the summer and ensures module information is complete in time for student registration and to feed in to the NESS system.

MOFS Database



Annual Monitoring and Review

Boards of Studies are required to review annually all taught programmes for which they are responsible.

Please note that the AMR process has changed following consultation with FLTSECs and approval by ULTSEC in June 2015. The updated policy can be found here and a briefing note describing the main changes, a worked example and further information can be found here.

Policies and Information

Programme Approval and Programme Changes

Programme Specifications

Programme Regulations

Graduate Skills Framework

Qualifications and Credit Framework


For further information please contact:
Janice Trewick
0191 208 6811