Ageing, Cardiac Energy Metabolism and Diastolic Function

Project Leader(s): Dr Guy MacGowan
Sponsors: National Institute of Health Research Biomedical Research Centre

Abnormal function of the heart increases as the heart ages, and to try and understand the mechanism underlying this, we are studying cardiac function with MRI in two groups of patients; young patients of 20-40 years, and those greater than 60. Two types of cardiac MR studies are performed, one called tissue tagging which provides detailed regional assessment of cardiac function during contraction and relaxation, and the other measures the levels of high energy phosphates in the heart that are used to fuel cardiac contraction. With this data we will test the hypothesis that abnormalities of cardiac function with aging are related to a deficiency of energy supply to the heart. This study is sponsored by the National Institutes of Health Research through the Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre Stroke and Cardiovascular Disease theme.