Growth and metabolic outcome in children born preterm

Project Leader(s): Dr Mike Trenell, Dr Nick Embleton and Dr Rob Tinnion
Sponsors: Part funded by: MRC programme grant

GROWMORE study summary:
There is accumulating evidence that children born prematurely are at higher risk of adult onset ‘metabolic’ disease such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and obesity when compared to the general population.  The processes that lead to these problems are likely to be multiple, but may, in part, be related to insulin resistance. The GROWMORE cohort consists of ex-preterm infants who were recruited after they were first born, followed-up longitudinally, and are now in mid-adolescence. In this phase of the study, data is being collected from the cohort on intrahepatic and intramyocellular lipid, as well as mitochondrial function (with H1-MRS and 31-P MRS respectively). This will be compared to data collected on insulin sensitivity and body composition to see explore links between these variables. Eventually the cohort will be studied in adulthood and actual metabolic outcome studied in relation to the longitudinal course of the cohort in order to determine whether metabolic disease in ex-preterm infants may be modifiable.

 Staff Profile: Dr Mike Trenell