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Mr George Mitchell, CBE, celebrates 60 years service at Newcastle University

George Mitchell will be celebrating his “60 Years” service this month at the School of Marine Science and Technology with a celebration event which will be held in the newly refurbished King’s hall and where George received his Fellowship 10 years ago at his 50 years service event.

George must be one of the longest standing employees from anywhere in the country and we are proud to host this special event marking his amazing achievement.

George started his career at 15 years old on the 29th April 1957 as an apprentice for Newcastle University, working alongside some of the old shipping companies of Swan Hunter, Vickers and Hawthorns. After qualifying in 1962, George was awarded the Vice-Chancellor’s Certificate of Proficiency for Engineering Technician’s and eventually took up an academic post within six years of starting his apprenticeship.

George then became a member of the Royal Institute of Naval Architects and since 1977 he has been in receipt of an exceptional grading award, working as Senior Experimental Assistant in the School. 

George has worked tirelessly with our University Alumni and has formed lasting relationships spanning his 60 years, persuading our Alumni into investing in our research vessel the Princess Royal and in doing so, also securing HRH Her self to attend the naming ceremony.

George has not only been a committed member of Newcastle University staff but he has served the wider community too. He was elected as a Justice of the Peace of the North Tyneside Petty Division Bench and also recognized by the Home Secretary through his appointment to the Criminal Justice Council and his work on Northumbria Probation Committee offering encouragement and promoting rehabilitation to those who found themselves in difficult circumstances.

Many of George’s students will be attending his celebration event and we welcome them back into King’s Hall where they would have received their degrees.

George has worked tirelessly for the University for 6 decades and has been the main bulkhead in the School of Marine Science and Technology throughout its many changes and may his long service continue for many years to come.

Congratulations to George, we are all proud to be your colleagues.

The celebration event is on the 25th April 2017 at 3pm, if you wish to come and congratulate George please book at this link:

George - Sixty not out!

published on: 20 April 2017