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The society that advances the interest in all things aquatic, be they warm blooded, cold blooded or huge great big ships!

WETSoc is the society involved in the School of Marine Science and Technology. We organise socials which help join the Marine Scientist’s and the Marine Technologists together. We also organise trips in and around Newcastle, through out the U.K. and even abroad. If you would like to be invloved in the society and join us on our trips please contact:

There are a number of upcoming events for WETSoc members I would like you all to be aware of, also please don't forget to follow the WETSoc Facebook page for more updates;!/groups/2216236414/

WETSoc upcoming Events:

1. The kind people at James Walker, who have a factory in Cockermouth, have invited us to have a tour of their facilities. James Walker produce a large range of fluid sealing devices and, in particular, produce stern tube seals for large cargo vessels. They also have a large range of testing facilities at the Cockermouth plant that I am sure would be of interest to many of you especially from a Marine Engineering background.

If this trip interests you please contact: as I need to inform them of the number of people who will be attending as well as organize transport.

2. Phillip Gennotte the Technical Director at Meyer Werft has agreed to host a number of us this coming January for a tour of their facilities in Papenburg, Germany. Currently the plan would be to travel to Amsterdam and stay overnight before getting a connecting train the following day. A full itinerary and estimated cost will follow shortly.

3. The Captain of the Marine School research vessel, the Princess Royal, has agreed to take us out on the vessel in late November. This is an especially great opportunity for technology students as I am aware that many of us have not yet had a chance to see the vessel.

4. Just to make sure that the marine science people do not feel neglected we are also in the process of planning a visit to the Farne Islands where, hopefully, there is plenty of aquatic wildlife to keep you all interested. Again further details will follow.

It would be greatly appreciated if you are interested in any of the above events that you email us at so that we can start sorting out appropriate numbers.

The following events are in the pipline but not yet confirmed.

  • River Cruise (To be booked for Nov. 13th)
  • Farne Islands Seal Cub Trip
  • European trip to Amsterdam/Germany trip (To encompass both Technology and Science themes)
  • Social Events
  • International food evenings etc.
  • Annual Ball

The WETSoc Team
The Marine Science and Technology Society

If you are interested in joining WETSoc please contact: