School of Marine Science and Technology | Dove Marine Laboratory - Teaching and Research

Field Teaching at the Dove Marine Laboratory

Field course

Undergraduate students on our three Marine Biology degree programmes undertake work at the Dove during all three years of their time at Newcastle. 

In their first year, our Marine Biology students visit the Dove Marine Lab twice during the following modules to develop survey and identification techniques important for professional Marine Scientists.

At Stage 2, students undertake more advanced survey work of habitats in close proximity to the Dove Marine Laboratory to further develop environmental assessment skills.  They embark on designing their own scientific experiments in these modules. They also visit additional field sites across Northumberland and Durham to gain experience of a range of important marine habitats. 

During their final year, Stage 3, the amount of time students spend at the Lab will vary depending on the focus of their final year research project.  It is used as a base for field study and collecting expeditions. The aquaria are used for holding and ongoing study of live marine animals, and these facilities are complemented by a range of ecology, physiology and microbiology research suites for project work.

Undergraduate field teaching at the Dove is complemented by our field courses abroad, and by teaching at sea on board the vessel.

Postgraduate students gain their Environmental Research Skills at the Dove Marine Laboratory, as part of our Consultancy (IMEC) MSc programmes.  Students develop further skills in planning and delivering biological surveys in the field and cover statistical analysis of ecosystem data in our teaching suite.  The Lab also supports postgraduate students on the IMEC MSc who undertake the Marine Consultancy module, by offering a research facility for their MSc research projects.