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Hydrodynamics Laboratory

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The Hydrodynamics Laboratory comprises three distinct facilities:

These facilities can be used individually or in combination depending on the nature of specific projects.

Models and Workshop Capabilities:

We are able to work with models provided by clients, or can draw on a range of highly skilled external modelmakers to manufacture models to client designs, ready for us to adapt to our test equipment. Please contact us to discuss the options that are available.


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The Hydrodynamics Laboratory has the use of dedicated workshops to provide the maximum flexibility in setting up models, jigs and fixtures, and adapting test programmes to suit client needs.


A wide range of instrumentation is available, which can be adapted to suit individual test scenarios. This includes a range of load cells, including 6 axis devices, Vectrino 3D Ultrasonic Water Sensors, Pitot Tubes, Differential Pressure Sensors, the Qualisys IR Tracking System, complemented by video and still shot photography as appropriate.

Recent acquisitions include hot film anemometers for use in both air and water.


For further information, contact:
Peter Bowes
Facilities Manager
Telephone +44 (0)191 208 6919