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Henri Kummerman Marine Resource Centre (MaST Library)

Our School funds its own technical library. Usually referred to as the MAST Library but officially named after Dr Henri Kummerman, the famous ship cargo handling equipment entrepreneur. Library services for our students and staff include:-

Quiet work space: Space for about 20 students. It complements our noisy social networking space the WETSOC Student Common Room and our quiet MAST PC Lab with it’s specialised marine software.

Internet access: four networked computers. Personal laptops can logon via the campus wi-fi network. 

Hardcopy materials in stock: a few current textbooks, magazines and journals, conferences, regulations, design rules, directories, and registers. Most are now superseded by e-books, e-journals, and online databases available via the Robinson Library.
We also have many good examples of marine technology (but not marine science) of B.Eng., M.Eng., M.Sc. final projects / dissertations / theses. See lists in Blackboard > community MAST-ALL > documents >final projects. E-theses are not available.
All hardcopy materials must be used within the MAST Library and borrowing is not allowed.

E-materials in stock: The Robinson Library has a huge collection but our School also has a few subscriptions which are only available via our School – see list and full details in  Blackboard > community MAST-ALL > documents >library news. Including databases and market research information.

Online catalogue: apologies but temporarily unavailable.

MAST Library opening hours: Semesters, usually Monday to Friday 11:00-16:00. Vacations, usually only Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:00-1600. Also open some additional hours, please see on library door or contact us to confirm.

Please visit to use our facilities or to discuss your work and needs. Appointments are not usually necessary.

See also our Marine Technology Special Collection: which contains the School’s collection of historical materials on UK shipbuilding, shiprepairing, shipbreaking, and associated industries. Our students will not usually need to use materials in this collection.

See also Newcastle University’s Robinson Library: Our School co-operates closely with them in the development of their marine materials as a part of their huge range of materials and resources in all subjects.

Research Skills/Information Literacy:

Most of this is now taught by staff of the Robinson Library as listed on your timetable; or materials in your modules in Blackboard > courses.

Richard Carter in the MAST Library offers additional subject expertise for individuals or groups, having taught for many years on literature search and retrieval; literature review and presentation; report / dissertation writing; public speaking / Powerpoint; research project planning and management; libraries and databases; e-journals; mind mapping; & related topics.

These will help to improve student abilities for independent research, decision making, and communication skills:

  • for your course work assignments
  • in particular for your final projects/dissertations/theses
  • for your employability (employers rank these abilities very highly!)


  • Armstrong Building, Room 2.66, 2nd floor, up the back staircase.

Richard Carter
Tel +44 (0)191 208 6743