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Research Vessel, The Princess Royal

RV, The Princess Rpyal - Virtual Tour

Newcastle University's new research vessel, The Princess Royal, has been designed in-house by staff and students in the School of Marine Science and Technology.

The catamaran has established itself as the ideal platform for small research vessels due to its stability, large deck area and manoeuvrability.

Our unique marriage of the catamaran and the deep-vee hull form with anti-slamming bulbous bows gives enhanced seakeeping, efficiency and speed potential whilst maintaining its other inherent virtues.

With an operational area encompassing the North-East coast of England,
inspiration has been drawn from a local source so it is noResearch Vessel - The Princess Royal coincidence that
the boat features tunnel sterns and the deep fore-foot of the Northumbrian Coble.

The boat has even been built locally, with the winning tender awarded to Alnmaritec, a North-East boat builder based in Blyth.

The vessel is available for commercial and private charter.

You can track the
RV, Princess Royal
as she's sailing around the
North Sea by clicking on to
and inserting the name
'Princess Royal, UK'

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Research Vessel,
The Princess Royal

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All enquiries are welcomed and should be made to:

Dr Ben Wigham

Research Vessel Manager
Dove Marine Laboratory
School of Marine Science and Technology
Newcastle University
North Shields
NE30 4PZ

Telephone: +44 (0)191 208 3054 or +44 (0)191 208 7831
Fax: +44 (0)191 252 1054