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Ridley Research Aquarium

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The Ridley Research Aquaria consist of 4 commercially available re-circulating filter systems. Each individual aquarium can be fully and independently adjusted for temperature, salinity and photoperiod. The aquaria are filled with artificial seawater made from Reverse Osmosis filtered tap water and a commercial sea salt. In line systems include UV sterilisation, trickle bio-tower and fluid sand filtration, protein skimming and ozonation. The aquaria are suitable as holding and experimental facilities for temperate and tropical marine Invertebrates including non-native species.

Other Aquarium Facilities

  • Cooling Incubators: for housing of experimental invertebrates outside of
    the main Aquarium.

  • pH control for CO2 dosing: for ocean acidification effects on invertebrate reproduction and development

  • Constant Temperature rooms: for the housing organisms and samples for teaching and research.

  • Algal Culture Suite: for production of algae and live food for invertebrate research.


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