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The School of Marine Science and Technology and Singapore Campusthe Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), (undergraduate programmes only), are delighted to offer Undergraduate and Postgraduate programmes in Marine Technology which have been specially designed to build on the strengths of Singaporean polytechnic education by providing high-quality, internationally recognised, world-class university education to polytechnic graduates.

What is marine technology?

Marine technology is ‘engineering for the sea’. We design and build structures on (and under) the sea. Cruise LinerWe have a more important role in the world around you than you might realise.

Thanks to marine technology, you can sail to another country for your holiday, enjoy a meal of fish, and buy goods transported thousands of miles by sea for your convenience. In fact, the maritime industry covers a huge range of different activities:

  • ship design, engineering and construction
  • offshore oil and mineral extraction, renewable energy
  • transport and leisure
  • ports and fisheries

Are you interested in making things and how they work?

Would you like to apply that interest to the marine environment – ships, offshore rigs and underwater vehicles? A degree in Marine Technology lets you do just that. You create designs for everything from cargo container ships to high-speed luxury yachts. For these degrees, you need to combine both academic and design skills.

Key Benefits

  • The programmes provide students with enhanced technical and managerial techniques which will enable them to take on major responsibility early on in their careers.
  • Students are taught locally by academic staff from Newcastle University.
  • The programmes are accredited by the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and the Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA).