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marine Engineering

Degree of Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Marine Engineering - 1205U

Marine Engineering: this programme is concerned with engineering challenges specific to the marine environment, for example, the propulsion and auxiliary machinery of ships, and the power and control systems of other marine constructions such as oil platforms, sub-sea systems, and underwater and offshore vehicles.


Year 1 - Stage 2

  • MAR2108 : Naval Architecture II
  • MAR2110 : Resistance & Propulsion
  • MAR2112 : Engineering Applications
  • MAR2113 : Marine Production Management II
  • MAR2115 : Analytical Methods in Marine Technology
  • MAR2116 : Introduction to Business Management
  • MAR2117 : Marine Electrical Engineering
  • MAR2118 : Marine Engineering II
  • MAR2121 : Marine Structures

Year 2 - Stage 3

  • MAR3111 : Drilling Engineering
  • MAR3121 : Marine Transport Business
  • MAR3127 : Future Marine Projects
  • MAR3133 : Marine Engineering Design
  • MAR3137 : Marine Engineering III
  • MAR3138 : Dynamic Modelling and Simulation
  • MAR3143 : Project Report in Marine Engineering

Assessment methods

Details of the assessment pattern for each module are explained in the module outline.

Degree classification

Candidates will be assessed for degree classification on the basis of all the modules taken at Year 1and 2 with the weighting of the stages being 1:3 for Year 1 and Year 2 respectively.

How To Apply

To apply for this programme please visit the Singapore Institute of Technology website.



(i) These programme regulations should be read in conjunction with the University’s Undergraduate Progress Regulations and Examination Conventions.
(ii) This programme is delivered at the campus in Singapore.