OPTIPOD - Optimal Design and Implementation of Azimuthing Pods for the Safe and Efficient Propulsion of Ships

Project Leader(s): Professor Mehmet Atlar

The primary objective is to develop guidelines for the design of pod-driven ships. The aim is to make these guidelines as general as possible by focusing development work on four different ship-types: a cruise liner; a Ropax; a product tanker; a supply ship. The structure of the project meets specific objectives by dividing the activities into work packages each responsible for a specific area of design:

  • Hydrodynamics
  • Safety and Risk
  • Structural Safety
  • Environmental Impact
  • Operational Aspects
  • General Arrangements
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Design Guidelines
  • The Problem Addressed

The original azimuthing pod drive concept was pioneered by Stromberg Drives in the late 80s with the first unit installed on the Finnish waterway service vessel SEILI in 1990. A lucrative innovation, the azimuthing pod-drive has experienced a rapid technical and economic evolution over the last two decades. However, until now, no dedicated study had been undertaken to asses the implementation of this technology and the impact on the design of ships that use them.


Dr Yongchang Pu