Sponge-microbe associations and their importance for sponge bioprocess engineering (2001)

Author(s): Burgess JG; Osinga R; Armstrong E; Hoffman F; Reitner J; Schumann-Kindel G

    Abstract: In recent years, a large diversity of sponge-microbe associations has been described: sponges can harbour archaea, eubacteria (including cyanobacteria), microalgae, fungi and probably also protozoa. The current paper gives a brief overview of the different types of associations and describes the potential influence of symbiotic micro-organisms on bioprocess design for the biotechnological production of sponge-associated natural compounds. It is concluded that the presence of microsymbionts may further complicate the already tedious development of sponge culturing techniques.

    • Type of Article: Original Paper
    • Date: 01-10-2001
    • Journal: Hydrobiologia
    • Volume: 461
    • Issue: 1-3
    • Pages: 55-62
    • Publisher: Springer Netherlands
    • Publication type: Article
    • Bibliographic status: Published

    Keywords: symbiosis,sponges,biotechnology


    Professor Grant Burgess
    Professor of Marine Biotechnology