School of Marine Science and Technology | Marine Design, Production and Operations

Marine Design, Production and Operations

Marine and maritime interface subjects, such as stability and maneuverability, are tackled holistically by considering, in addition to the classical engineering disciplines, the operation of the total system.  Going beyond hydrodynamics and control engineering, ‘design for operability’ considers also, the ability to model and simulate, the capability and capacity to train maritime personnel, and the regulatory environment within which ships must operate.

The context of the shipping industry is addressed partially through research in the supply chain, including all aspects of global logistics with a particular focus on maritime logistics, maritime economics, ports and intermodality, sustainability and low carbon shipping, and supply chain mapping.   Shipping and its influence on marine transport design is also addressed through research into the techno-economic interface between ships and their markets, to support classical research into engineering aspects of the sector.

Newcastle University also undertakes research in the shipyard industries, with a particular focus on competitiveness.

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