School of Marine Science and Technology I Staff Profiles

Staff Profiles

A To Z

Dr Hamed Aghajani
Research Associate

Dr Nicholas Aldred
SAgE Research Fellow

Dr Ahmad Alsaab
Research Associate

Charlotte Anderson
Apprentice Technician

Neil Armstrong
Master of Research Vessel

Suzana Asri
Degree Programme Coordinator

Professor Mehmet Atlar
Professor of Ship Hydrodynamics

Dr Jonathan Barnes
Research Associate

Katy Barrett
Marine Education Officer

Dr Musa Bashir
KTP Associate

Emma Bell
School Finance Officer

Amanda Benson
Distance Learning Programme Co-ordinator

Dr Simon Benson

Dr Alison Lesley Bentley

Professor Matt Bentley
Visiting Professor

Dr Per Berggren
Senior Lecturer

Professor Richard Birmingham
Professor of Small Craft Design

Clare Bowes
School Resources Support Assistant

Peter Bowes
Facilities Manager

Lena Brown
Apprentice Technician

Professor George Bruce
Guest Member of Staff

Professor Grant Burgess
Professor of Marine Biotechnology

Dr Ian Buxton
Visiting Professor

Dr Gary Caldwell
Senior Lecturer in Applied Marine Biology

Dr Burak Cerik
Lecturer in Marine Structures

Dr Nianzhong Chen
Senior Lecturer in Offshore Structures

Dr Cheng Chin
Senior Lecturer in Marine Mechatronics Design

Professor Tony Clare
Professor of Marine Science and Coordinator of marineNewcastle

Helen Clough
PA to Head of School

Dr Sofia Cota Franco
Research Associate

Vicky Coulson
Senior Programme Co-ordinator and School Office Manager

Jill Cowans
Secretary and Events Co-ordinator

Susan Davies
PG Research & Taught Programme Coordinat

Dr Jane Delany
Senior Lecturer

Dr Arun Dev
Senior Lecturer

Professor Bob Dow
Professor of Marine Structures

Professor Martin Downie
Technology in the Marine Environment

  • Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 6716

Kieron Fallows
Mechanical Technician

Dr John Finlay
Research Associate

Dr Clare Fitzsimmons

Anthony Gibson
School Finance Co-ordinator

Dr Andrew Guerin
Research Associate

Dr Maryam Haroutunian
Lecturer in Marine Technology

Robert Hindhaugh
Senior Mechanical Technician

Ian Howard-Row
Senior Instrumentation Technician

Sheree Ibbetson
Marketing and Communications Officer

Dr Uchenna Kesieme
Research Associate

John Knowles
Marine Laboratory Technician/ Boat Crew

Geraldine Lee

Phil Letouze
Mechanical Technician

Professor D John Mangan
Professor of Marine Transport and Logistics

Dr Sara Marsham
Lecturer (Teaching and Scholarship)

Jayne Masterson
Deputy School Manager

Peter McParlin
Research Technician

Dr Xiangyin Meng
Teaching Fellow

George Mitchell
Senior Experimental Assistant

Dr Miguel Morales Maqueda
Senior Lecturer in Oceanography

Dr Alan J Murphy
Associate Dean (Engineering Excellence)

Lisa Nesbit
Programme Secretary UG (Marine Science)

Dr Brian Newman
Archive Cataloguer

Dr Rosemary Norman

Emeritus Professor Peter Olive
Emeritus Professor

Ian Paterson
Mechanical Technician

Dr Kayvan Pazouki
Lecturer in Marine Technology

Barry Pearson
First Mate & Standby Skipper

Dr Ryan Pereira
Research Associate

Mandy Phillips
Programme Secretary

Andrew Pile
IT Manager (SAgE - MaST)

George Politis
Emerson Cavitation Tunnel Lab Manager

Professor Nick Polunin
Professor of Marine Environmental Science

Federico Prini
Research Assistant

Maria Prodromou
KTP Associate

Dr Yongchang Pu

Liam Rogerson
Electrical and Electronics Technician

Annie Russell
Senior Marine Education Officer

Cheryl Savage
Programme Secretary

Christina Skinner
Guest Member of Staff

Dr Matt Slater
Visiting Lecturer

Dr Narakorn Srinil
Senior Lecturer in Subsea Engineering & Pipeline Technologies

Professor Selina Stead
Professor of Marine Governance and Environmental Science

Paul Stott
Senior Lecturer

Dr Heather Sugden
Teaching Fellow

Dr Christopher Sweeting
Visiting Researcher

Dr Francesca Tagliaferri
Teaching Fellow

Dr Ivan CK Tam
Senior Lecturer & Director of Operations

Professor Longbin Tao
Lloyd's Register Chair of Offshore Engineering

Dr Rebecca Taylor
School Research Administrator

Dr David Trodden
Research Associate

Dr Serkan Turkmen
Research Associate

Dr Guenther Uher

Professor Robert Upstill-Goddard
Professor of Marine Biogeochemistry

Lesley Walker
Programme Secretary

Dr Xin Wang
Lecturer in Naval Architecture

Brenden Ward
Computing Officer (SAgE - MAST)

Dr Ben Wetenhall
Teaching Fellow

David Whitaker
Marine Science Laboratory Manager

Dr Benjamin Wigham
Lecturer in Marine Biology

Professor Andrew Willmott
Head of School

Christine Wright
School Manager

Dr Dawei Wu
Lecturer in Marine Engineering

Dr Wenxian Yang