Professor Matt Bentley
Professor of Marine Biology & Director, Dove Marine Laboratory


Matt Bentley is a marine biologist with research interests in the control of reproduction of marine invertebrates, including hormonal and pheromonal control of egg production sperm motility, maturation and fertilisation, mating and spawning, and of environmetnal influences leading to synchronised reproduction. He also has interests in aquatic invasive species including the American signal crayfish and chinese mitten crab.

Roles and Responsibilities

Director of Dove Marine Laboratory 

University Appointments Committee
University Teaching & Learning Committee Panel Member
Postgraduate Tutor and Selector for Marine Science
Secretary to Board of Examiners for Marine Biology


BSc University of Newcastle 1978
PhD University of Newcastle 1984

Previous Positions

Royal Society European Fellow, Lille France 1985-1986
Shell Lecturer in Marine Ecology, University of St Andrews 1986-1990
Lecturer in Marine Biology, University of St Andrews 1990-1999
Lecturer in Marine Biology, Newcastle University 1999-2001
Reader in Marine Invertebrate Zoology, Newcastle University 2001-2006


Fellow of The Linnean Society of London

Fellow of the Society of Biology

International Society for Invertebrate Reproduction and Development
Society for Experimental Biology
Scottish Association for Marine Science

Research Interests

Marine Invertebrate Reproduction
Invertebrate Gamete & Fertilisation Biology
Invertebrate Endocrinology & Chemical Communication
Biology of Aquatic Invasive Species

Current Work

Effects of Marine Noise on Fish and crustaceans

Environmental control of gamete maturation and spawning in marine invertebrates
Effects of algal toxins on marine invertebrate reproduction and Development
Biology and spread of the Chinese mitten crab
Biology and chemical communication in crayfish

Postgraduate Supervision

Effects of Diatom toxins on marine invertebrate reporduction and development
Biology, spread and potential control of aquatic invasive species (Chinese mitten crab; crayfish; bivalve molluscs)
Endocrine-pheromone interactions in aquatic invertebrates
Growth of marine polychaetes in aquaculture
Oocyte maturation and fertilisation biology of marine invertebrates

Esteem Indicators

Managing Editor of "Invertebrate Reproduction and Development"
President of the International Society for Invertebrate Reproduction and Development 2005-2009
Environment Agency Regional Fisheries, Ecology & Recreation Advisory Committee member
External Examiner for the BSc degrees in Marine Science & Technology, University of Mauritius 2102-date External Examiner for the BSc degrees in Aquatic Zoology, Hull University 2003-2006

External Examiner for the BSc degrees in Marine Biology, Heriot Watt University 2008-2011 
External Examiner for MRes degrees in Marine Biology, University of Plymouth 2008-2012

External Examiner for the BSc Degrees in Marine Biology, Swansea University 2013-date
External Assessor for Teaching Quality in Marine Biology & Oceanography, Southampton University 2007
External Assessor for Teaching Quality in Biology, University of St Andrews 2005
Invited Speaker to the Society for Chemical Industry - SETAC meeting, London 30 November 2004
Convener of the 10th International Congress on Invertebrate Reproduction and Development 2004
Co-editor Proceedings of 10th International Congress on Invertebrate Reproduction and Development 2004
Symposium Organiser 11th International Copngress on Invertebrate Reproduction and Development, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama August 2007
Consultant Marine Biologist to Dundee City Council, ECOS Countryside Services, and Dames & Moore Group, Edinburgh


Grant Funding received from: NERC; The Leverhulme Trust; Esmee Fairbairn Foundation; English Nature; European Union; European Science Foundation; The Royal Society and DEFRA.


Undergraduate Teaching

Degree Programme Director for BSc Honours degrees in: Marine Biology; Marine Biology & Oceanography; Marine Zoology

MST1001 Biodiversity of Marine Animals
MST1003 Field Techniques in Marine Science (module leader)
MST1012 Research Skills
MST1013 Field Techniques in Marine Biolgy & Oceanography (module leader)
MST1014 Field Techniques in Marine Zoology
MST1015 Marine Ecosystems
BIO1007 Biodiversity of Marine Vertebrates
MST2002 Marine Fouling and Larval Ecology
MST2006 Marine and Coastal Ecology
MST2012 Life in Extreme Environments
BIO2019 Anmal Reproduction
MST3017 Global Marine Science MST3019 Marine Biology Research Project Overseas 
MST3020 Marine Chemical Ecology
MST3021 North Sea Marine Science
MST3099 Marine Biology Research Project (module leader)