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The MRes in the Marine Environment is a Masters course in research set in the context of applied technology in the marine environment.

It is aimed primarily for preparing students from a wide range of backgrounds for a career in an research and development environment in the marine related industries, either immediately on completion of the course or after having continued to study for a PhD.    


The course is 40% taught and 60% research, and is one year in duration. The taught component concentrates on the development of research and transferable skills, project management, quality assurance and production technology. Much of the course is generic in nature and so is accessible to students from a wide range of engineering, science and, possibly, business management backgrounds who seek a career in the marine or other similar large-scale engineering industry. The course is supported with EPSRC studentships. A research project, usually carried in collaboration with an industrial partner, culminates with the presentation of a thesis. Although it runs for a full year, the course is integrated with the undergraduate semesterised timetable. The first semester runs from October to February and the second from February to June. Modules of the taught part of the course are examined at the end of the semester in which they run. After the examinations in June, students will work full-time on their project, which they will have already started, until mid-September.

Why should I apply to study for an MRes?

There is an inexhaustible demand for highly qualified graduates in a wide range of disciplines in a field as large as that of Marine Technology. In addition there is a need for such personnel at the interface of different disciplines in unconventional combinations, such as business management and engineering, or environmental science and engineering. Students undertaking projects of this nature have been welcomed by their industrial collaborators and a significant proportion have been taken on by them either to carry out PhD research projects, or to work directly for the company. All students completing the course have continued their studies or found employment.

What qualifications do I need to apply?

You need to have obtained a least an upper second honours degree from a recognised higher institution.  You do not necessarily need to have a Marine Technology or even an Engineering degree.  We welcome applications from graduates of the sciences, mathematics and environmental based courses.


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